Laboratory for Cognitive Modeling

Laboratory for Cognitive Modeling (LKM) was officially founded in December 2001. LKM carries out research in cognitive modeling, machine learning, neural networks, and image, text, graph and data mining. Research results concern the modeling of noisy data related to cognitive, medical, biological and other processes. We are developing, testing and applying new approaches and algorithms for modeling from numerical, symbolic, textual and image data, image analysis, medical diagnostics and prognostics, estimation of data quality and data importance, statistical data analysis, interactions of various parameters.
LKM collaborates with psychologists, physicians, biologists, physicists and chemists. A notable aspect of much of this research is its application to problems in image analysis, medical diagnosis, ecological modeling, modeling in marketing, industry, complementary medicine, and manifestation of cognitive processes, intelligence and consciousness.

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Laboratory for Cognitive Modeling
University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Computer and Information Science
1000 Ljubljana

tel: +386-1-4798-226

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