Three machine learning toolkits are shortly described and available below: CORElearn,  SemiArtificial and ExplainPrediction. The software is available under the GNU public license (GPLv3 or later). Other licensing options are available.


The system supports feature evaluation, decision, regression trees, random forests, OrdEval algorithm, explanation of predictions and some machine learning utilities. The source code and binaries of the learning system CORElearn can be downloaded as:

Some of the functionality and features are described in my papers. The R package contains the documentation which applies also to the standalone version.



The system for generating new data based on the properties of an existing data set is available via CRAN. Current version is semiArtificial 2.4.1 (23 September 2021). The working principles are described in my papers.



The package allows explanation of predictions of a given prediction model. Two explanation methods (EXPLAIN and IME) and two levels of prediction explanations are available

The package is available via CRAN. Current development version is ExplainPrediction 1.3.0 (07 January, 2018). The working principles are described in my papers.


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