I am interested in self-healing methods from 1995 and now I am able to help also the others. It is very strange at the beginning as we are used to think about the world only with the eyes of our science, which however is really very very limited. I was miraculously recovered by one healing seance on distance. I started to read literature about that, to meditate regularly and also went to some seminars about self-healing and about helping other people. I soon realized that it works very well.

Nowadays people suffer from chronic lack of love. Instead of accepting and loving each other we are affraid of everyone and especially of ourselves. We fear from not beeing accepted, from not earn enough money, from being different to members of the 'flock', we are affraid to tell or even to hear the truth, etc. My experience is that we block the channels of our spiritual bodies and the physical body with our wrong thoughts: fears, angriness, hates, jealousness etc. And the first thing that we block are our senses (because we are affraid to feel pain, to feel sickness, and even to feel the truth). Of course later we block other parts of the body and because the senses are blocked we are not aware of sickness unless it appears very obviously and painfully.

With 'bioenergy' ('universal energy', 'cosmic energy' or 'chi-energy' etc.) people can help themselves and some, who have cleaned themselves to some extent, can help also the others to unblock parts of the channels and the energy then cleans out the sickness. However, this is only a help. The major doctor is still in the head of the patient. If (s)he continues to fear, hate, etc. the blockades will return and the sickness will progress. So the switch in your mind has to be done by yourself (and that is your free will).

At the beginning I studied “miracles”, hidden “energies”, unexplained “parapsychological” phenomena, I succeded to investigate some of them with the Kirlian camera. Now I know that everything that is going on around us is a miracle nad that everything has the aim and the purpose. I have described the limitations of the scientific research of “miracles” in the paper Objective Science and Subjective Spirituality are Complementary which appeared in several conference proceedings and in three books as separate chapters. Today I know that the most important is spiritual wisdom which, together with my wife, I have described in the book TEACHERS OF WISDOM.


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