Igor Kononenko
Plešičeva 49
1000 Ljubljana


Short biography

I was born on the 18th of March (3rd month) 1959 (the sum of all digits is 9) in Bakar near Rijeka in Croatia. Until the age of 2 I lived with my parents in Rijeka, and then, until the age of 6, in Piran (Slovenia), after which we moved to Ljubljana. On the 4th of December (12th month) 1982 (the sum of all digits is 9) I met Irena and on the 2nd of March (3) 1984 (the sum of all digits is 9) we were married. In 1985 our daughter Nina was born, and in 1988 we had a son Veno.

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In 1960 in Bakar

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Family photo 1998

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Family photo 2003

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Family photo 2007

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Family photo 2013 (30 years of living together)


In 1973 I finished primary school in Ljubljana, in 1977 I finished Bežigrad high school in Ljubljana. In 1982 I graduated from the Faculty of Computer and Information Science at the University of Ljubljana. In 1985 I received my master's degree. In 1986 I served in the army. In 1990 I received my PhD degree.


Junior researcher 1982-1984. Assistant professor 1984-1996. Associate professor since 1997. Professor since 2002.


Life periods


Till the end of high school I was without any major ambitions. By the end of high school I self-taught myself to play the guitar, I played table- tennis at the Kajuh Youth Club and later at the Faculty of Electrotechnics Sports Society, I volunteered for work camps and participated in youth marches (e.g. three years in a row from Ljubljana to Rijeka or vice versa, on foot in one week). I travelled with my bike several times from Ljubljana to Bakar and back, from Ljubljana to Pula and back and from Ljubljana to Poreč. Twice I climbed mountain Kredarica with my guitar, once also Triglav. I trained karate, received an orange belt, then I continued with a personal trainer and friend, and received a blue belt. In the years 1980-1982 I attended meetings at different faculties of electrotechnics throughout the former Yugoslavia, and participated six times in the "Elektrijada", a competition for students of electrotechnics, three times of which I was a leader of the Ljubljana student team. When I started singing "Little Froggies", I got the nickname Froggy (žabica), and I also started collecting little frogs (I have about 350 of them made of plastic, stone, porcelain, glass, wood, metal, plush, and on glasses, T-shirts, etc.).


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The years 1982-1985 were a period of learning about living with someone and work in research. Since 1985 I am a happy father and a researcher in the field of machine learning. Since 1988 I have travelled all through Europe, a part of Northern America, a piece of South America (Ecuador and Brasil), a part of India and a piece of Australia. Since 2001 I head the Laboratry for Cognitive Modeling.


Learning about borderline areas

 Since 1993 I am a vegetarian and since 1995 I have been studying meditation and alternative medicine (in the same year I experienced distant healing Barbara Novak's crystalotherapy). I started to attend a series of workshops and seminars (a beginners (1996) and an advanced course (1997) of bioenergetic healing with the bioenergeticist Slobodan Stanojević, courses in dowsing and bioenergy (1997) with the dowser Igor Ziernfeld, a course in psychotheraphy "aspectics" with Franjo Trojnar (1997),  a reiki course, levels 1 and 2, with Barbara Novak (2000), a 60-hour course in kineziologic diagnostics and healing with essences with Minnie Hein (2000), a 22-hours course "Art of Living" with Andrej Trampuz (2000), in 2001 and 2002 I followed a 30 hours course about Great teachings form East and West by New Acropolis, in 2001 and 2002 I participated in one week (American) Indian camps and went through several Indian Sweat-lodge rituals and twice walked on fire, in 2003 I finished a one week advanced course "Art of living" in Bad Antogast in Germany, in 2003 I went on a 4-day course on 5-rythm dances).


Activities in borderline areas

In course of time I became active in »borderline areas«:
- In 1998-2006 we  researched subtle energies with Kirlian camera;
- In Slovenia, I organized three scientific conferences in 2000, 2003 and 2007  (Measuring Energy Fields, Kamnik, Slovenia, 13-14. oktober 2007; Mind - body studies: 6th International Conference on Cognitive Science, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 13-17. October 2003; NEW SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS - 3rd Int. Conf. on Cognitive Science - Ljubljana, 17.-19. oktober 2000);
- In 2000 and 2001 I organized in Ljubljana two round tables on Psychic energy;
- In  2003 I organized a one day scientific conference about Near-death experiences at the Jozef Stefan Intitute in Ljubljana;
- In  2004 I organized a one day scientific conference about Opend dialog of physicians about the integrative medicine at the Jozef Stefan Intitute in Ljubljana;
- In  2005 and 2006 I helped to organize two one-day scientific conferences  »Scientificaly about religion« at the Jozef Stefan Intitute in Ljubljana;
- In 2000 I organized in Ljubljana a 10-day course on biosinergy by the healer Minnie Hein from Peru, and two years later I helped to organize another such seminar;
- During 1996 – 2004 I guided every Tuesday a small meditation group (through time it had 5-20 members);
- In 2000 and 2001 I participated at two conferences of KONAZ (Slovenian society of healers) and acted as a member of ethic commission;
- I was a cofounder of the Initiative committee for open dialogue of physicians about intagrative medicine INTA and have been actively participating;
- Several times I spoke about subtle energies, alternative/complementary medicine and spiritualits on TV (16X), radio (9X), and in numerous lectures in Slovenia and worldwide (75X).
- For newspapers and journals I had 54 interviews;.
- For newspapers and journals I wrote cca 70 popular articles.
- Since 1997, approximately once a week I send emails OM on a mailing list (the size of the list inscreased from 50 email adresses at the beginning to 450).


Relation between science and spirituality and spiritual wisdom

And later I become interested in the relation between science and spirituality and in spiritual wisdom. In 2007 (the sum of digits is 9) the following was published:
- the book: Igor Kononenko in Matjaž Kukar: Machine Learning and Data Mining published by Horwood.
- the book: Igor Kononenko in Irena Roglič Kononenko: Teachers of Wisdom (in Slovene) published by Irena Roglič Kononenko, Ljubljana, Slovenia
- proceedings of the International Scientific Conference: Igor Kononenko (editor): Measuring Energy Fields published by Zavod Naravni zdravilni gaj Tunjice, Kamnik, Slovenia.

In 2009 the following book chapter was published:
KONONENKO, Igor. Natural and machine learning, intelligence and consciousness. In: ŽEROVNIK, Eva (ed.), MARKIČ, Olga (ed.), ULE, Andrej (ed.). Philosophical insights about modern science, (Scientific revolutions series). New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2009, pages 239-258.

In 2010 the English translation of our book was published :
Igor Kononenko in Irena Roglič Kononenko: Teachers of Wisdom, RoseDog Books, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 2010


Nature and “collecting”

However, my teacher and healer is Nature. Together with my wife we collect herbs for teas (cca 50 different herbs), syrup and food. From 2000 we also pick mushrooms (nowadays already 20 different sorts).

 In 2009 we started to prepare Bach flower remedies. We had to find 37 different wild blooming plants in pure nature on a sunny day, and that was a great challenge and a wonderful experience. We found the most of flowers in Slovenia, and some in Croatia, Italy, Germany and England.    Result is here and every flower has its own story.


Guitar and writing songs

For each Bach flower a Latvian, Anastasia Geng, prepared a dance and sometimes I dance sacred circle dances for Bach flowers in a group, lead by Irena..Za vsak Bachov cvet je Latvijka Anastasia Geng priredila ples in včasih zaplešem plese v krogu za Bachove cvetove  s skupino, ki jo vodi Irena. For every melody of Bach flower dance I wrote one song in Slovenian language. In 2014  a collection of songs was published together with two CDs where me and Irena sing all 39 songs: Igor in Irena Kononenko: 39 pesmi in plesov za Bachove cvetove.

At our faculty, FRI we have a band »FRIdom«, and sometimes we play and sing: my song about FRI-frogs in Slovenian: FRI- žabice, another song in Slovene: WHILE true na FRI bom študiru. We already recored and published an album called 0xFFF.