1. Introduction
            2. Background of Bio-Synergetix
            3. Applied Bio-Synergetix
            4. Experience:
            5. Conclusion


Minnie Hein
Lima, Peru
e-mail: minniehe@chavin.rcp.net.pe


Bio-Synergetix proposes that the physiology of our body contains and reflects our purpose and potential and that the energy that moves our body is full of the conscious and unconscious forces of our human values as they literally move in our being. Applied Synergetix as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool, utilizes the kinesiological properties of muscles to access a patient´s integral state of health. Classical clinical diagnosis of any symptom will tell you “what you have”, for instance, you have an ulcer, pneumonia etc. A bio-synergetic diagnosis tells you "what in your mind is sustaining what you have”. It will access this on two levels, respectively termed the Macro Profile and the Micro Profile. The Macro is axial in nature, and deals with the alignment of the physiology with the value-laden forces of the general identity system. The Micro-Profile is sympotomological in nature and deals with short-circuits in the specific energetic identity system. Bio Synergetix induces a guided synergetic interaction of human electro-magnetic fields and links them with the energy meridians of the body.to produce a holographic energy profile of a patient. This profile, read through a muscle monitoring technique, reveals the intimate nature of their individual make up as it expresses itself in their mind, their brain and their body via any illness or symptom they may be experiencing. Treatment for energetic electromagnetic imbalances employs energetic essences, aimed at the holographic interference pattern. The being aspect of our body as it reflects itself in our organs and gland systems, plays a crucial role in this approach to health.

1. Introduction

Who am I? What am I? Where am I going? These eternal questions still lie at the heart of our existence and our well-being today. What makes the difference now, is that quantum physics has expanded our deterministic view of ourselves as objective observers of a rational, mechanistic, clockwork, universe. It tells us that our everyday perceptual subjectivity… what we are seeing and how we interpret what we are seeing, are literally part and parcel of our psychological, emotional, mental and bodily reality. In the complex language of chemistry and mathematics, they have proven that we are literally one with the world at a microscopic level. We are made of the same stuff as the stars, they claim, and we dance with the universe at a quantum level by virtue of a magnificent, wondrous, highly complex interplay of forces in a never-ending process of becoming. So our questions again move to center stage, as we realize that the role we hitherto assigned to health and well-being must be rewritten and amplified in the light of modern science.

Bio-Synergetix proposes that this very “real” body which we have, simultaneously represents and informs us of our beingness, who we are and where we are going. We are energy beings, constantly resonating with everything around us. Our bodies are intelligent processing systems made up of vibratory particles, moving and interacting with other systems, via so-called “fields” of electromagnetic energy. The tangible person and the intangible being behind the bodily appearance, join hands energetically, in the daily dance of becoming. Our very anatomy and physiology, the brain, heart, nervous system, organs and glands, all transport vital information for our system, and they speak to us directly and clearly of this intangible being. The information-laden energy, that fuels the efficient functioning of our bodies, simultaneously fuels our conscious participation in the construction of our individuality, it’s potential and definition, and finally it’s purpose. Our biological processes are not separate from the value-laden realm of our experiences, rather they reflect each other - nurture or destroy each other. They are indeed one. Our joy, our faith, compassion, goodness, peace, our truth…. they all are as “real“ at a quantum level, as our body is “real” in our three-dimensional space/time. They do “matter”. They are made of subtle matter. Our values work energetically as invisible, powerful shapers of our everyday reality, our health and well-being. They are force fields, acting as the energetic “glue” which holds our individual beingness together. The mysterious, subtle “I”, dwelling within the mind and consciousness, behind the appearance, is made up of them.

. Background of Bio-Synergetix

Both the physical body and the being body need self reference in order to survive and in order to BE. The structural aspect needs the senses to “feel” itself. Sensory information is of overwhelming importance for our neuro-muscular organization. We are at all times literally “feeling our way” through life” (Deane Juhan, Job´s Body, pp. 775, Stationhill). The being aspect simultaneously “feels” itself. It is constantly assessing and estimating its own meaning, its worth, its definition and significance, from within the mind. From here arises the individuals self-image, and from here his self-esteem.

The equilibrium of these dual aspects of ourselves, from the solid structure right down to the quantum level of the elemental particles of being... seems to be regulated by an extraordinary mechanism of homeostatic regulation of excitation and inhibition thresholds. These regulators in turn “print out” their respective electromagnetic charge into measurable muscular reflex-actions. In simple language, excitation would mean “work”, and inhibition,” repose”. In energetic language, this would mean “contraction” and “expansion” or even “yang” and “yin”. We also have labeled this the “density of charge factor”. Too much density of incoming/outgoing energetic informational impulses would point to over-excitation. This is signaling that one is expending too much energy trying to be someone one is not. Too little density of incoming/outgoing informational impulses would point to over-inhibition, implying that one is retaining energy. One is not being who one really is. Between these two extremes are many subtle combinations of over- and under-energy conditions possible in our structural and our being systems. Homeostasis is the equilibrium state between work and repose, on all levels.

Obviously the beingness is the subtler of the two aspects of self and therefore seems the more difficult to measure, as its density factor deals with the images it forms of itself in the mind. It is filled with our value-laden experiences and the imprints they have left there. The mind we see here as the organizing principle which carries its dictamens and images through the energetic circuitry down into the physiology of the body, where it interacts with incoming information from the environment, recorded by the body’s proprioceptive feedback loop system. This record of self is stored in our flesh.

We have designed a relatively simply “value-map”, allowing for a readout of these subtle energy fields of the self-referencing mind to the actual physical structure and its proprioceptive system. It is represented on Figure 1.

Bio-Synergetix proposes that this intangible energetic component of our health can be measured intelligently and accurately. This is done via the synergetic interaction of the respective electromagnetic fields generated by both therapist and patient. It calls for an analysis of human energy field interference patterns, produced by structured, focused, information-loaded and intentional touch. The ensuing interference patterns physically manifest themselves in the muscular system of the body via resonance factors developing out of the interaction of the two fields. This type of subtle diagnosis requires the holographic deployment of the sum total of the subjective and objective aspects of the intelligent perception of both the therapist and his patient, on a bodily and on a being level. They join together synergetically, in a conscious interplay of information-loaded force fields, using the body´s meridians as their energetic pathways, and then “download” their data, so to speak, into the muscle-meridian-mind feedback loop system of the patient. The threshold states of any specific muscle within this system can then be analyzed, allowing for a precise three dimensional readout or diagnosis of the energetic physiological and being equilibrium of the patient at any given moment

Figure 1: The value-map allows a readout of subtle energy fields of the self-referencing mind to the actual physical structure and its proprioceptive system.

3. Applied Bio-Synergetix

Applied Bio-Synergetix as a diagnostic tool complements a medical diagnosis. A classical clinical diagnosis will tell you what you “have”. You have an ulcer, pneumonia, cancer, etc. This refers to the loss of integrity of your physical structure. Matter here is dense and subjected to linear time. A Bio-Synergetic diagnosis tells you “what in your mind and body is sustaining what you have”. This refers to the loss of integrity of the being behind the structure (Integrity means – “whole”, “complete”). Matter here operates within quantum reality, so linear time disappears. Healing is therefore greatly accelerated. Bio-Synergetix offers a differential energetic diagnosis which constructs a Macro and Micro Profile of your patient, revealing the intimate nature of their make-up as it expresses itself in their body, via any illness or symptom they might be experiencing. This approach will give a three-dimensional readout of what we consider to be the basic three subtle energy components of an individual’s health:

The distinction between the Macro (core or axial alignment) and the Micro (symptomological) level of the patient’s health, provides a powerful aiming device for individual diagnosis. It is derived from a conceptual core. Namely, that man’s being revolves around a central axis, represented physiologically by the spinal column, brain and heart. In the human being, the identity Axis permeates the whole structure. Around it revolve the force fields of our values, our virtues (virtue in the sense of power, force, not behavior). Their information is lodged within the physical structure of our organ and gland systems, and linked with the rooms of our mind, within which our being is constructed. The axis “steers” the course of individual development, the process of individuation. If its circuitry is “off”, broken, blocked or depleted, it means that the main “fuse box” in our “house of being” has short-circuited. The whole energetic self-reference circuit of being is interrupted.

We begin every diagnosis with an evaluation of the individual’s Macro-Profile for one simple, but powerful reason. Experience with more than 6,000 patients suffering from illnesses or dysfunctions of all kinds, clearly shows that:

any energetic disorder manifesting in the axial component of Self, obscuring clear self-reference to purposeful being, inevitably overshadows all other underlying physiological or psychological conditions or symptoms. It thereby subtly obstructs diagnosis and complicates the healing process on all levels.

The Micro-Profile on the other hand, is always symptom-orientated. A symptom speaks of wounds, stress, all types of dysfunction, etc. It represents particular and specific energetic blockages of individual systems among themselves and within the greater system circuitry. It implies interruption of specific circuitry, or the individual “rooms” in our “house of being”. Here is where “healing” takes place.


We monitor the threshold language of synergetically induced muscular states, according to the settings of a specific muscles´s spindle cells and golgi tendon organs. We do this by employing the 14 Alarm Point Holographic Muscle Monitoring technique developed by Richard Utt, the founder of Applied Physiology (International Institute of Applied Physiology, Tucson, Arizona). Applied Physiology is based on Applied Kinesiology, the science of implementing specific muscle movements to engage the energetic-informational link between the muscle, meridian, organ and mind. Holographic muscle-monitoring permits a readout of any state, previously introduced as information into the body’s Bio-electric “computer”, via it’s own proprioceptive system. Thus one can “scan” the dual (being and body) circuitry of the body in order to establish whether any muscular engrams, carrying either an overload or underload of charge, might be acting as interference patterns in the body´s circuitry, thus blocking mobility of being. This lack of mobility manifests itself either physiologically, chemically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, or in variegated combinations of these aspects.

The circuitry, which we scan, in this case, are the 14 main energy channels of the body known to us through classical Chinese Acupuncture. They are called meridians.

The scanning process itself requires 6 basic steps: They are:

  1. Establishing the therapeutic alliance through simple touch. Patient lies on a treatment table and therapist places both hands on the solar plexus area, in order to form a closed synergetic electromagnetic circuit. He then introduces the Macro- or Micro-Profile information into the patient’s bio-computer (body) via the interaction of his focused mind with the patient’s system, employing a so-called indicator muscle, to “enter” the information.
  2. Readout of Macro circuitry is done employing the same indicator muscle. If the circuitry proves “blown”, or “short circuited”, the holographic language ”mode” is ”entered”, through the action of the focused mind, into the Bio-computer (body), informing it that a two-point holographic analysis of the 14 alarm points will be undertaken.
  3. Therapist establishes a two co-ordinate readout, using the meridians as the pathways to be searched, and the Completion Axis as the “value map” of being, to be able to establish the meridian-muscle-organ-mind relationship. The 2 points are established through a visible change from “strong” to “weak”, or vice-versa, of the patient’s indicator muscle when an interactive resonating point is touched.
  4. The resulting holographic interference pattern will be analyzed as to specific muscular stress thresholds, and from there a precise synergetic diagnosis established.
  5. This will then be shared with the patient, to facilitate his active and conscious participation in the process.
  6. The final step is to integrate the new information into the body’s circuitry, thereby inducing structural, chemical, emotional, mental and electromagnetic equilibrium. This is done by topically applying or ingesting specific energetic essences. This procedure induces an immediate change in the potential or “charge” of the previously imbalanced muscle. As the muscle returns to its original balanced state, the meridian energy begins to flow freely. The formula needed to “break up”, or harmonize the interference pattern, will be established by connecting the co-ordinates of the hologram to a geometrically structured Matrix of energetic essences.

4. Experience

We have worked with more than 6,000 patients applying this method both in clinics and private practices in Peru. Areas of varying cultural, educational and even sanitary standards were chosen, in order to verify the efficacy of the original hypothesis and treatment. From native tribes, living deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle, to the peruvian peasant, dwelling in the remoteness of an Andean mountain village, and back to the sophisticated Lima suburbanite… all types of ethnic groups and social circles have been looked at using the Bio-Synergetic paradigm. We have found that this mode of diagnosis and treatment facilitates and accelerates healing on all levels of being. It is especially notable that such a subtle form of treatment produces such tremendous physical changes. Equally satisfactory results have been obtained when working with patients in Europe and the United States.

Table 1 lists some of the symptoms we have had excellent results with.

Case studies:

We have worked with post-operatory patients with great success. One of our most striking cases was the following:

Patient: 7-year-old boy who had just gone through open-heart surgery, for regulatory purposes of massive valve dysfunction.

We were allowed into the intensive care unit approximately 2 hours after the boy awoke from initial surgery. The child was pallid, in a cold sweat and extremely restless, complaining of pain and refusing any attempts of the assisting nurses to sooth him. (When working with someone in extreme pain, or in coma, a surrogate person is used. The surrogate, or substitute person, touches the body of the patient, acting as an electric transmittor for transferring the information. Consequently the therapist will look for an energetic readout of the surrogate´s indicator muscle, and not directly from the muscle of the patient.)

The Macro-Profile readout revealed blockages in the Heart/Central Vessel meridian circuitry. Both were in “under”-energy, meaning too much negative charge. Too little excitation. The informational flow is depleted here. This blockage is not due to the intervention. It is more related to its cause. It talks of the child’s beingness. Whether he is able or not to be his true self. The general attitude driving the being, in this case, is one of resignation, not resistance. Theoretically, this attitude can be carried over from previous lifetimes, or simply arise out of the present life circumstances of the child. Basically it would point to the fact that the child is not being his true self around the area of compassion and also cannot see what is “right” for himself (his true being, we are not speaking of social or religious morality).

We rebalanced the Macro, its meridian and muscle, the supraspinatus, by topically applying an essence formula to the face of the child. Immediately the surrogate´s muscle acquired normal tonicity.

  • burns, first – third degree
  • gall bladder stones and dysfunctions
  • renal dysfunction and effects of dialysis
  • emotional disorders of all kinds
  • hormonal imbalances, menopause etc.
  • ulcers of all kind, open or closed
  • neuromuscular dysfunctions
  • Parkinson´s disease
  • Migraines
  • Asthma
  • back pain, lumbago etc.
  • hepatitis and other liver dysfunctions
  • cronic constipation or diarrhea
  • heart conditions
  • circulatory problems in general
  • sleeping disorders
  • edemas of all kinds
  • epilepsy
  • learning disabilities
  • depression
  • amputations
  • organ transplants
  • cancer, especially the secondary effects of chemo-therapy


  • pain of all kinds, chronic or trauma-induced.

Table 1: A list of some of the symptoms we have had excellent results with.

The Micro-Profile, or the symptom, in this case, is the operated organ itself. The hologram read Heart/Heart, signaling an energetic and electrical blockage within the heart meridian circuitry itself. This is due to the trauma of the operation, coupled with the original dysfunction. Again we unblocked the interference pattern. Two minutes later - to the surprise of all of us - the boy sat up, all pallor gone, exhibiting warm, dry, rosy skin. He began a lively conversation and promptly asked for food and drink.

Case history:

Patient: 42 year old paraplegic female suffering from third degree burns on both legs as a result of boiling oil spilling over her, as she accidentally upset a pot while cooking on a makeshift stove. Due to the extent of the lesions, pigskin graft implants were performed on large areas of both legs. She arrived at our practice after having spent two months in the hospital, complaining of excruciating pain in all transplanted skin areas, which looked puffy, odd and felt rough. There were open sores on various parts of the grafts indicating beginning rejection of implants. She could not withstand the pressure of clothes or sheets rubbing against her legs. They were kept bound in bandages due to the danger of infection, as the patient lives in very impoverished, unsanitary conditions in Lima’s slums.

After removing the bandages, we started the Macro-Profile diagnosis. The readout was Large Intestine/Large Intestine meridian. It was in a state of “under“ energy. This indicates that large intestine energy is not up to its potential, in her case mainly because of repressed resentments, blocking her otherwise great potential for “purity” (purity to us means ”everything in it’s place”). According to the analysis, she posses an above average ability to perceive when things are not in their place, on all levels of being. It points to powerful intuition, but simultaneously, a lack of boundaries in the construction of her being in relationship to others. When she becomes obstructed in her intuitive ability, the regulatory process of cleansing within the body/mind complex close down and severe constipation develops, slowing the healing process down enormously. She confirmed the constipation, and also the resentment, which was due to problems in her personal life occurring just prior to the accident itself.

The Micro-profile symptom was the pain felt in the skin-grafts themselves. The readout was Large Intestine/Pericard meridian, which points to hormonal imbalances. After the treatment, which consisted of talking about her inner and outer conditions and the topical application of an essence formula directly upon the skin grafted areas, the pain immediately subsided. The patient was instructed not to wear the bandages and to apply the essence formula to the grafted areas 3 times a day, for one week.

Two weeks later she presented herself and showed us how all the grafts had developed a smooth, baby-like rosy colour and texture. All the sores had closed and the pain never returned.

Pain has been one of our main targets of interest. We have found that pain can be effectively and rapidly relieved by totally “waking” up specific pain-related circuitry connections within the conscious body-mind-being complex, instead of resorting to anesthesizing specific circuitry between local pain and the brain. Our studies and experience point to the fact that pain seems to have its roots in the quantum level of being and not at the cellular level.

We have begun to expand into working with animals and plants, as both exhibit auspicious results when analyzed and treated in the Bio-Synergetic fashion. Horses are our specialty, but we have worked also with dogs, cats, pigs and dolphins. Results seem to point to the fact that these systems also possess an Axial factor of some kind of beingness, energetic circuitry, and that they “feel” themselves. House pets health is strongly influenced by the energy fields of their respective owners.

One of our main interests has been studying and treating the effects of electronically produced low-level emission waves. Another chapter we have begun to observe and treat, is the influence of human electromagnetic field “fragments” floating off one person´s system and latching on to another´s. This seems to be a much more common and powerful phenomena than we hitherto imagined.

5. Conclusion

The Bio-Synergetic paradigm sustains that a guided energetic interactive field analysis between therapist and patient, allows for unprecendented preciseness in establishing a body/mind diagnosis and accelerated subsequent healing of the being on all levels.

We sustain that the Bio-Synergetic paradigm for subtle health care provides a deeper understanding and access to any specific disturbance in the system, by clearing out axial or core disturbances.

Dysfunctions are seen as part of the dual process of “being” oneself and “having” oneself. They are present in those who are already physically ill and those who are healthy, and can be traced in the healthy before they descend into the gross physical body.

Furthermore, Bio-Synergetix holds the promise of the possibility of accelerating the development of human potential through the participatory awakening of the individual to his significance behind his appearance. It allows him to regain responsibility for himself and his well-being - responsibility meaning – the ability to respond. Thus, maintaining the integrity of the physical structure gains the bredth and depth of the conscious, virtuous, powerful potential human being. The force of self-knowledge is the prime mover here. “Know thyself” has been the maxim of wisdom through the ages. It now must begin to “matter” in our daily lives.” The most powerful shaper of our development may turn out to be the subtlest, a force that’s completely invisible to us” (Robert Becker, M.D. “The Body Electric”. P. 264). Bio-Synergetix works with this invisible force, the quantum force of our being, and suggests this be a key to further developments in fundamental subtle health care.


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